Theresa’s worried about her termination, while Jacqui tells her the threat of the police still hangs over her head. Carmel realises she’s not pregnant, and her hopes of keeping Calvin alive are dashed. Lauren shows up, hoping to go with Theresa and support her. Theresa has already gone when Lauren accidentally lets slip about the termination to Carmel.

Steph’s resolved to beat her cancer. Meanwhile, Gilly’s unaware what drove Steph away. He drowns his sorrows in the pub where Jem finds him. Steph tries talking to Tom about her illness. Tom hopes Gilly will look after her and Steph realises she needs to tell Gilly the truth, but she finds him in an embrace with Jem and runs away.

Anita finally confesses to Ravi that ‘Kate’ is her biological mother and he secretly decides to track her down. In the meantime, Anita gets Jem to move in with them. When Ravi catches up with Eva she admits Anita’s better off without her. Ravi returns to Anita, but they’re both shocked when Eva turns up.

Also; Duncan’s jealous of Ricky, so Darren’s advice is to go after India’s sister Texas. Darren starts coaching Duncan, but a spot of role play ends in India photographing them in a compromising situation.

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