Carmel has a proposal for Calvin

Calvin is taken aback when Michaela lets slip that Carmel still has feelings for him, but hides his emotions, pushing Michaela away. Niall manipulates the situation by telling Carmel that he’s just seen Calvin push Michaela, and maybe Carmel is better off without him. But Carmel knows Calvin better than that and decides to go to see him, where she tells him they’ve both been foolish. Calvin is left stunned when Carmel asks him to marry her.

When Calvin leaves his coat lying around, Sasha sinks to new depths, rifling through it for cash. There is no money, but she finds Carmel’s engagement ring and steals it. Fletch insists she put it back and Sasha reluctantly returns it, instead nicking Nancy’s purse, which helps her and Fletch to get more heroin. Later, Michaela is sad to spot them wasted together in the park together.

Nancy is thrilled to discover that Charlie is about to be released from hospital. She promises Frankie will be a big part of Charlie’s life in future and Frankie is grateful. But later, as Nancy prepares for Charlie’s homecoming, Frankie receives a phone call from Social Services entrusting Charlie to her temporary care.

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