Carmel lies for Theresa

Nancy has enrolled Theresa in sixth form in the hope of persuading her to return to school. Theresa refuses to go so Carmel decides to take her place. Carmel struggles to keep up with the students in class and confesses to new teacher Des that she’s not Theresa, but Theresa’s cousin. Des is sympathetic and asks her to be the new cheerleading coach instead.

Ravi apologises to Leila for lashing out. Leila softens towards her brother and they have a heart-to-heart. Ash tries it on with Loretta and Ravi catches him in the act and flies at him. Gov wades in to break up the brothers and Ravi turns on his father. Leila forces Ravi to stop and he storms off, determined to arrange another fight to get rid of his aggression.

Jacqui applies for a five thousand pound loan to search for Max in Italy and Myra is alarmed. Myra is sympathetic about Jacqui’s desperate need to find her son but she tells her that she can’t put herself in so much debt and she burns the loan application. Jacqui realises that she has little hope of finding Russ and Max and invites Des out for a drink, determined to move on with her life.

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