John Paul is shocked to see Myra, who then turns up at the boarding house to persuade Carmel and Kathleen-Angel to move back to the McQueens’. However, Carmel tells Myra she’s only coming back to get her things before her, Sonny and Kathleen-Angel move away. As she prepares to leave, Carmel says goodbye to her family and wishes John Paul good luck with the trial… forgetting that Myra doesn’t know he was raped.

Meanwhile, George is infuriated by Esther’s new-found bossiness. She enters ‘Esther’s Magic Bean’ into ‘Chester’s Best Pie Competition’ and Phoebe offers to help. However, she cooks Esther a mackerel and banana pie as a joke. Esther threatens to sack George but he quits.

Elsewhere, Trevor is scared when he finds a box on his desk containing a lock of blonde hair. He then gets a call from Big Bob blackmailing him for £60,000 if he wants to see Grace again…

Also, a guilty Ste confesses to Tony that he cheated on John Paul.