Carmel rumbles Sasha

Sasha feels guilty when Leo gives her some cash because he’s proud of her. Later, she realises just how much her new drug-addled lifestyle is affecting her when she gets a poor essay grade. But Fletch is dismissive of Sasha’s worries after finding out she’s got some spare cash.

Despite being reluctant to use her dad’s money for more drugs, Fletch manages to persuade her. When Sasha gets home, completely wasted, she’s alarmed to find Carmel there, and is forced to act normal. But Carmel suspects that Sasha is hiding something…

A devastated Rhys returns home from hospital, insisting he collects Beth’s belongings from the police. Meanwhile, Gilly tearfully tells Hannah that he blames himself for everything that’s happened. When Rhys returns with Beth’s stuff, he and Gilly have a showdown before awkwardly discussing her loss together. But Gilly finds it hard to forgive Rhys as he packs his bags and leaves to see Beth’s mum, leaving his family behind in ruins.

Louise is shocked to hear from Sean’s mum, asking her to attend his funeral. Warren tries to convince her not to go, but Louise is determined that it’s the right thing to do.

Also, Steph tries to get Max to set a wedding date.

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