Carmel makes a resolution to get a baby, whatever the cost. She frantically cleans the McQueens’ in anticipation of Chloe’s visit. However, all her preparation is ruined when the police turn up to arrest her on suspicion of theft. It’s a case of mistaken identity when the police show her footage of Theresa stealing Kathleen-Angel’s doll’s house. Back at home, Carmel flies at her cousin in fury. She gets the ultimate revenge when she tells Dodger that Theresa has been sending the emails from Texas.

Jack can’t bear to look at his wife after Nancy’s revelation. At the hospital, Ruby wakes up and Darren is delighted when Nancy tells him she wants to come home.

In the corridor, Ziggy is horrified when he realises everyone knows what he did with Frankie. He lets the cat out of the bag when he tells Jack ‘it only happened twice’ after Frankie swore she only slept with the mechanic once. Ruby tells Jack that Trevor sold her the drugs and Sam is delighted when she raids Trevor’s flat and finds five bags of cocaine in his jacket pocket.

Elsewhere, Robbie jumps to his own conclusions about Finn’s whereabouts; Dodger’s excited about his future. But can anyone burst his bubble?