Carmel is at peace when Calvin’s ghost appears and he assures her baby Angel will be fine. He tells her he is looking after her and will be there for them all. But when Carmel returns and tells Theresa that God is looking after Angel she snaps. Later, Carmel explains about Calvin’s visit and Theresa is reassured.

Gilly is asleep when Jacqui creeps out, only to come face to face with Rhys. He doesn’t suspect anything until he receives a text from Jacqui telling him she needs to see him. Gilly stops him calling her and reveals the pair drunkenly slept together. Rhys attacks him and storms out. Later, Rhys confronts Jacqui who tells him that Gilly raped her.

Also, Ricky and Ruby get frisky but things don’t quite go to plan for the young Romeo. Duncan meanwhile is trying to seduce Esther and Ricky reveals that he doesn’t know she’s a lesbian. The four of them settle in for Valentines day and Ruby manages to sneak Ricky into her bedroom.

Also; Warren turns up at the hospital and hugs an emotional Theresa. She tells him that Ethan knows everything and he reassures her he’ll sort it.

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