The celebrations have turned to tragedy following the accident, which saw the McQueen party train smash through Maxine and Sienna’s abandoned car. As the train slides along on its side, there are fears for everyone inside.

Carmel is the first to come to and she finds Porsche, Celine, Mercedes, Myra and Cameron. Smashing a window with her shoe, Carmel climbs out of the carriage and stands on the roof of the toppled train, taking in the devastation around her. Will everyone survive?

Elsewhere, Sienna and Maxine see the wreckage and realise Dodger is on the train. At that moment, Maxine’s waters break. Sienna goes to find Dodger and notices something that resembles Nico’s hoodie buried under the rubble.

Later, Maxine is relieved when someone finds her in a railway hut where she’s in the throes of labour… It’s Patrick! Will he save her? Or leave her life hanging in the balance?