Carmel walks out on Calvin for good

Calvin is desperate to keep Carmel and promises he’ll never keep a secret from her again and he’ll stay well away from Warren. Carmel waivers and when she bumps into Leo she asks him about the £10,000 that Calvin supposedly gave to Sonny. Carmel is gutted when Leo doesn’t know anything about it and she realises that Calvin lied to her yet again. Later, Carmel sees Warren talking to Calvin and it’s the final straw and she walks out on Calvin.

Justin needs to talk to Leila about cleaning up her art stuff at the flat but gets confused and Leila thinks he’s asked her to move in! Leila isn’t keen but decides that it’s fate, despite Elliot trying to persuade her otherwise. Ste is horrified when Leila arrives at the flat with her bags.

Ste is annoyed when Theresa comes to the Skate Park with him when he goes to arrange babysitting Leah with Amy. When he realises that Amy is jealous, he cheers up and decides it’s a good opportunity to prove to Amy he’s moved on and make her want him more. Ste takes Theresa to babysit Leah and Theresa is unaware that Ste is using her.

Also, Steph worries that Sarah fancies her.

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