Carmel wants her share of the club

Mercedes is over the moon when Dr Browning reveals he’s bought them the club. She’s less impressed when he tells her that Jim also owns half of it. He reassures her that Jim will be a sleeping partner, but Carmel has other ideas. They decide to split the club in half on opening night and see who can make the most money – this is war.

The Savage and Blake families prepare for Dodger’s bail hearing, unaware that Will is happily letting his sibling take the fall for his crime. At the last minute, Patrick gives Dodger an alibi and when he walks into the lad’s pad a free man, Will quietly seethes. He needs a plan B and hits the jackpot when he finds a photo of Leanne and Texas arguing among the wedding snaps.

Will gives the photos to Ash to put in an album and sure enough, she spots the picture, date stamped five minutes before Texas died!

Also, Carmel reaches a devastating conclusion about her cousin’s innocence as she thinks back to her arguing with Dodger.