Carmel worries about her relationship with Jim

Love is on the rocks for Carmel as she worries about becoming intimate with Jim. Despite her feelings for him, she is still on edge when he then tries to take things to the next stage.

Dodger is furious when Will receives a letter from Leanne, asking him to read out a passage for her at Texas’s funeral. He decides to confront Leanne face to face and visits her in prison. She’s a broken woman and he starts to sense that Leanne didn’t kill Texas and determines to find out who did.

Forced to take drastic measures, Callum’s worst nightmare could be unfolding in front of his eyes as he is concerned by Robbie’s gun-ho attitude to robbing Price Slice and decides they do it his way or not at all. However, Robbie has his own ideas and shocks the lads when he produces a gun, prompting Callum to back out of the plan.

Also, Darren helps a worried Tony prepare for his potentially life-saving operation.