Carmel worries about stubborn Denise

After Denise Fox's fainting fit at the salsa rehearsal, Carmel is worried about her friend in EastEnders

Carmel is still concerned by Denise’s fainting fit and tries to persuade her to go to the doctor. When Denise helps Kim prepare for the salsa show instead, Carmel is frustrated by her stubbornness. After discussing pregnancy symptoms with the ladies when Whitney has morning sickness, Denise realises what’s wrong with her – she’s pregnant!

Stacey has given Bex a makeover but seeing Sonia, she realises all is not well with her, encouraging her to have a heart-to-heart. Meanwhile, Shakil is impressed by Bex’s new look and is keen to lose his virginity to her more than ever.

Courtney is concerned when she discovers that Louise called the police about Ben and Jay. The boys return, revealing the police were already there when they arrived. The Mitchells get a visit from the police, who warn Ben and Jay not to meddle. They now have enough evidence to arrest the killers… But the killers have fled the house because of Ben and Jay’s interference. When Ben makes his peace with Pam, he tells an angry Jay that he wants to stay in the Square for his family – he can’t move up North with him.

Also, Dot receives a mysterious letter…