Carmella and Ringo are trapped

In the horrific aftermath of the bus crash, Carmella and Ringo are trapped inside the vehicle as it threatens to explode. Ringo declares his love for Carmella before beginning to lose consciousness. Terrified she’s going to lose Ringo, in the heat of the moment, Carmella reveals she loves him too. Luckily Ringo is freed from the wreckage and rushed to hospital where he slips into a coma.

As the designated driver, Toadie is completely mortified when he is breathalysed by police, and is found to be perilously close to the legal limit. Faced with a more-accurate blood test, Toadie is left reeling and is forced to face up to the fact that he may be to blame for the terrible accident?

Rosie and Frazer are both nervous about the pressures of their first night together as husband and wife, but soon find themselves blissfully happy. But their dream honeymoon is soon over when Pepper arrives with the horrifying news.

Also, racked with guilt over his part in the bus crash, distraught Mickey runs away with Jake.