Carmella blames herself

Carmella refuses to leave her baby’s side, still blaming herself for her daughter’s condition. As Carmella and Oliver choose the name Chloe for their baby, Marco feels left out. Oliver encourages him to be there for Carmella, but she is too focused on her baby, leaving Marco feeling even more excluded.

Later, Carmella ends up telling him bluntly that she doesn’t want him with her at the hospital and he leaves in distress. Meanwhile, hating to see her sister suffering so badly, Rosie determines never to have children herself leaving Frazer unhappy.

After learning of Karl’s terrible dilemma during the roof collapse, Libby soon realises that Zeke’s anger and insecurity stems from a much bigger problem. When Karl confronts Zeke later, he’s shocked and upset to hear that Zeke feels completely alone and not a part of the Kennedy family.

Miranda helps Rebecca out by keeping the Robinson kitchen well stocked during Carmella’s crisis. She takes the opportunity to sound Elle out about Riley following the warehouse incident, but gets more than she bargained for when she guesses the true extent of Elle’s romantic feelings for her son.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday April 11*

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