Carmella confesses all

Carmella confesses to Rosie that she’s confused by Oliver’s jealous behaviour and admits that her lingering feelings for him make his comments about her being unattractive to men even more hurtful. Meanwhile, Oliver regrets his behaviour towards Carmella and heads to the hospital to apologise. But he’s thrown when she tells him she loves him, declaring he has to tell her where she stands.

When Catherine continually ignores Rosie’s suggestions for Susan’s defence strategy, Rosie accuses her of not taking her seriously. Terrified of losing their top barrister, Toadie orders Rosie to back down and apologise. Catherine doesn’t make things easy for Rosie and again tells her that putting her family first will prevent her from ever being a successful lawyer.

Riley is puzzled as to why Bridget is suddenly enthusiastic about attending rehab. Little does he know she wants to see Josh again at the pool. Bridget’s swimming session goes well, helped by Josh encouraging her to push herself both physically and emotionally.

Also, Valda is stunned to find out from Jude Troy that not only is he bankrupt, but he has lost her money and that of her friends. And Adam is angry to discover Pepper has been offered an amazing job in Cairns and kept it secret.

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