Following Marco’s death, Carmella covers her grief with surprising strength, leaving Oliver blaming himself for Marco’s fate and frustrated he can’t do more to help.

Elle resolves to find out who started the fire and get justice for Marco. Kirsten provides Elle with a link between the arsonist and the person who left her stranded in the fire, leaving Elle wondering whether Paul is the culprit. She confronts Paul, asking him where he found the 4 x 4 he was driving when he rescued Karl and Susan.

Paul acts innocent, claiming he found the car abandoned, and doesn’t mention seeing Kirsten. But Paul later appears to be cleared of any blame when Donna Freedman is arrested. She denies lighting the fire but claims she saw the arsonist. Suspicious Elle is left deliberating what angle to take with her newspaper story.

After finding the family portrait of Carmella, Marco and Chloe in her mail, Declan and Bridget can’t decide whether giving it to Carmella will just cause her more pain.

Also, Rebecca is upset to walk in on Paul comforting the injured Kirsten in hospital.

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