Carmella finds her missing cousin

Carmella and Ned’s passion is unleashed and they move things into the bedroom, but it’s less than successful, and Ned realises Carmella isn’t ready for a relationship and seeks comfort in the arms of Katya.

The following day, Carmella’s upset to learn that Ned’s moved on so quickly, but is soon distracted by a letter telling her that her missing cousin Teresa is in hospital. She rushes to Teresa’s side, but Teresa’s none too happy to see her and attacks Carmella for selling her baby, then stuns her by telling her she wants her to steal the baby back from it’s new parents.

Janelle swallows her pride and accepts Loris’s offer of the house, but is quick to correct her mother-in-law when she presumes she’ll be moving into the family home. Meanwhile, Bree is still struggling to accept Janelle’s attempts to bond with her biological daughter Anne and decides to leave home.

Sky’s plans for an ‘Ancient Greek’ kitsch wedding don’t go down too well with Dylan ,who’s worried her ideas will make their special day into more of a joke than a romantic commitment.

Meanwhile, Loris isn’t happy about Katya’s newfound confidence.