Carmella gives Ringo dance lessons

Carmella and Ringo are paired up to practice wedding dances, but Carmella insists Ringo seek Rachel’s permission first. Rachel agrees, but when Ringo doesn’t exactly set the dance floor alight, she bitterly suggests Carmella take Ringo for some extra tuition. Carmella agrees – but will Ringo mistake her good nature for something else?

Greg Baxter arrives, determined to take Anne home to Cairns, but he’s dismayed when Anne chooses the Timmins family over the Baxters. Later, Bree seeks Greg out and they discover they have a lot in common.

Charmed by Bree, Greg asks Janelle if they can come to an arrangement so they can both see the two girls. After much discussion, Steiger suggests the Timminses head up to Cairns.

Oliver wonders if he really wants to know whether Alan Napier told him the truth. But when he witnesses Pepper and Steiger making amends, he decides it’s time to open the DNA test results.

Paul surprises Lou with tickets to the footy as a special birthday gift. However, at the match, Harold and Lou are shocked by his over-the-top enthusiasm – which soon results in all three of them being ejected from the stadium.