Carmella gives Ringo the wrong idea

Despite her best intentions, Carmella starts to enjoy Ringo’s obvious infatuation with her. But when Susan reminds Carmella of how young Ringo is, she tries to get firm again, telling him they cannot consider a relationship until he’s older. But her noble intentions backfire when this confirms to Ringo that she does have feelings for him. He declares he’s prepared to wait for Carmella – no matter how long it takes.

Susan and Rachel are pleased and relieved to get some much needed home help for Tom in the form of Nurse Ian. But Zeke is immediately wary of Ian and is further suspicious when Tom complains about his new nurse. Zeke tells Susan that Ian cannot be trusted, but Susan won’t believe him, saying that Tom’s dementia makes him unreliable. But Zeke believes Tom and is determined to prove that Ian’s no good.

When Rosie learns the only way she can have her dream wedding is by getting married next week, she goes into bridezilla mode and Frazer realises he’ll have to be extra patient with his fiancé.