Carmella goes into labour

Rosie is worried when Carmella puts together a birth plan that includes both Marco and Oliver, and points out the potential conflict in the idea. But Carmella is determined to do what is best for her baby. Later, it seems the birth might happen sooner rather than later when Carmella is wracked by unexplained pains, before her contractions start. It seems Carmella has gone into premature labour.

Erinsborough is still in shock following the roof collapse, with confused Bridget confiding in Miranda about her renewed attraction to Declan, despite her feelings for Josh. An unwitting Steve complicates matters further by inviting Josh to dinner without consulting Bridget or Miranda. Meanwhile, Ringo finds the strength to carry out Jess’s last wish, but ends up losing his nerve.

Janae swallows her pride and encourages Ned to go thirds on the mortgage with Miranda and Steve. Miranda apologises for cutting Janae out of the deal, but hurt Janae refuses to forgive and forget. With Janae out of the deal, her Mum will put the house up for auction.

Also, realising he could lose her again, Darren decides not to tell Libby that he kissed Janae and he and Libby announce their move back to Shepparton.

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