Carmella holds Chloe for the first time

Carmella takes out her fear and guilt about Chloe on Marco, and banishes him from her life, determining to focus completely on the baby. Rosie assures Marco that Carmella will come around but Marco says he won’t fight her decision to break up with him. Meanwhile, Oliver worries that he won’t get the hang of being a dad. Later, Carmella is relieved and thrilled to learn that Chloe has come off the respirator, and she is able to hold the baby for the first time.

Miranda’s guilt about keeping secrets from Susan and Libby regarding Darren and Ned, increases the pressure on Ned. When Libby starts talking about her bright future with Darren, Ned decides he can’t hurt Libby with the truth, especially when he knows it will never happen again.

Bridget refuses to answer Miranda’s questions about what happened between her and Rachel. Later, she interrupts Rachel texting Angus and demands to know if Rachel is still seeing him, but she refuses to answer.

Also, Susan struggles to deal with her everyday MS symptoms as Darren goes on a business trip, and Karl’s return to medicine is more difficult than he expected.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday April 14*

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