Feeling extremely vulnerable about her horrific facial injuries, depressed Carmella tries to hide from the world. But Harold decides to help her put her problems into perspective by asking her to accompany him to the soup kitchen. Once there, caring Carmella realises there are people much worse off than her and makes the momentous decision to opt out of having surgery on her face.

Loris explains to Harold that that she was the one who swapped Bree and Anne at birth in a bid for revenge on Janelle, and although she got cold feet as soon as she’d done it, it was too late to go back. Harold is so appalled at her confession that he throws her out of the house. Later, after an emotional chat with Bree, Loris makes the difficult decision to leave Ramsay Street in search of the Baxters.

Pepper and Zeke clear the air about the engagement party misunderstanding, but Zeke is still concerned about Frazer’s attitude towards Pepper.

Trapped with Steiger on the camping trip from hell, an unhappy Will and Frazer are forced to join him in a spot of pig hunting before both being subjected to an emotional lecture on matrimony.

Also, Rachel tells Bree she has no intention of getting back together with Stingray.