Carmella says farewell to Ramsay Street

Carmella makes excuses not to leave Erinsborough but her friends encourage her and help her over every hurdle that might stop her from being with Oliver. The Ramsay Street residents gather at the General Store to say farewell to Carmella and Chloe and to wish them well for their new life in England. Carmella makes an emotional tribute to one of Ramsay Street’s finest members, by dedicating the store to Harold Bishop.

Harold and Bridget return to Ramsay Street with a new outlook on life, thanks to their shared experiences. Much to everyone’s relief, they make a surprise entrance at Carmella’s farewell, and they are just in time for Harold to see the tribute being made to him by Carmella. After her bad experience with the backpackers, Bridget is relieved to be home; but Harold is worried as he braces himself for surgery.

Chaos reigns on the last day of school when the two groups, Rachel, Ringo, Declan and Donna compete with Zeke and his new gang to out-prank each other in muck up day celebrations. But Zeke’s practical joke gets taken a bit more seriously when they dress up as terrorists and run through the school.

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