Carmella sees her scars

At the hospital, Carmella is distraught when her bandages are removed and she can see the extent of the scarring on her face, and Will learns that she’ll need some expensive specialist treatment to be properly healed. Later, Will’s mysterious mentor Alan comes to visit and informs him that he has just three months until his ‘old life’ is closed off from him forever, leaving Will with an important decision to make.

Later, Carmella comes to the conclusion that Rosie has a crush on Will after her sister keeps trying to persuade her to tell him her dark secret. Rosie ends up having a heart to heart with Pepper, where she reveals she’s still a virgin. In turn, Pepper confesses that she’s not really engaged to Frazer, and in fact, they hardly know each other…

Meanwhile, Boyd is back home but is acting standoffish towards Janae. Later, Janae is curious when Boyd receives a mysterious phone call from a Tasmanian newspaper. Also, Janae tells Zeke to go for it with his mystery crush, although she’s unaware that Pepper’s the object of his affections.

And with their relationship back on track, Lou and Mishka are busy trying to get intimate. The only problem is, Lou keeps getting scary flashbacks of Mishka pushing him down the stairs.