Carmella is surprised to find Elle isn’t upset with her for sharing a kiss with Oliver. Instead, Elle provides a shoulder to cry on for the grieving Carmella, and even comforts her when Carmella informs her that Marco’s spirit may now be inhabiting the General Store.

But Carmella finally breaks down when Sienna wipes the specials board of Marco’s handwriting and inadvertently breaks the phone containing his precious voicemail message. Meanwhile, Oliver gets a timely wake-up call from Sienna’s cutting assessment of his behaviour.

Toadie doubts Callum’s story about seeing Jay in the house, but a terrified Steph is convinced her abductor is close. Toadie is dismayed by Steph’s unusual lack of fighting spirit, but can’t persuade her to stay in Ramsay Street and face up to things. It’s only when Steph learns that Jay’s intent is to actually take out his revenge on Toadie, that she returns to try and save him. But it seems that the desperate Jay has a lethal surprise in store…

Also, as Harold’s guilt over his romantic lies to Kate increases, the well-intentioned Lou continues to make the lie worse.

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