Carmella accepts that Oliver’s near kiss was a misunderstanding, but insists it can never happen again. But they are both oblivious that Rebecca witnessed their intimate exchange and has come to the conclusion that Oliver has betrayed Elle. Carmella asks Oliver to move out, and he is forced on the defensive when Rebecca confronts him on his indiscretion. Meanwhile, Elle accepts Carmella’s claim to half of the General Store. Later, Oliver feels trapped by Elle’s questioning, and ends up admitting exactly why Carmella kicked him out.

Toadie is appalled when Elle, representing the newspaper, confronts Callum on Ramsay Street about the fire. Angry Toadie storms into Paul and Elle’s office demanding they retract the story. Paul tells Toadie that he suspects that it was the actual arsonist who tipped him off that Callum starting the fire, and Elle’s stunt in the street was a ploy to flush him out. However, Toadie insists they find another way to pin down the culprit without involving Callum.

Also, Bridget and Declan decide to continue their relationship in secret, but are caught by Nicola.

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