Carmella tries to forget Will

Carmella gets a shock when Will’s older brother Oliver turns up and reveals a few home truths about Will, plus the news that Will has gone overseas. Realising that Will has been lying to her all along, Carmella decides to put him behind her and refuses to wallow in self pity.

But her day goes from bad to worse when scheming Lolly sets her up. Harold kicks Carmella out of the house and she’s forced to find sanctuary at number 30.

Meanwhile, with Rosie and Frazer’s romance going well, Pepper realises that ‘Rick’ and Frazer have some sort of connection and that Rosie is oblivious to it. Determined to know what’s going on, Pepper confronts Frazer and demands the truth.

Elsewhere, smug Paul is revelling in having a hold on Janelle and is further pleased when she pushes him over in his chair. He demands an intervention order against her, and she’s furious when he bans her from Lassiters. Later, confident Paul gives Elle every chance to grass him up to the police but Elle can’t bring herself to dob him in.

Also, nervous ‘Rick’ has his first day at Erinsborough High and immediately gets tongue-tied at the sight of Rachel; Pepper gets flustered in front of Paul, and Bree discovers Zeke already knew she hated Willow.