Carmella’s baby is OK

After Carmella is rushed to hospital for an ultrasound, she’s relieved to hear the baby is fine, although she will require careful monitoring. Oliver and Rosie arrive to help Carmella but Oliver is jealous to find Marco there and subtly starts trying to undermine him. But he’s furious when Marco accidentally reveals the sex of the baby. Innocent Carmella then gets caught in the row when Oliver insists Marco must be mentally defective for moving in on a pregnant woman.

Big-time barrister Catherine arrives to takes over Susan’s case, and immediately challenges Rosie’s idealistic belief that she can have both a successful legal career and a family. Toadie is also unsettled by Catherine’s unemotional approach and apparent disregard for Susan’s fragile emotional state.

Bridget continues to dodge school but her confidence is boosted when she meets a handsome stranger at the swimming pool. And she’s forced to re-think her prejudices when Josh gets out of the water and into his wheelchair, and she notices he’s paraplegic. Bridget decides to face her disabilities head on.

Also, Valda is dismayed when Zeke reveals there are some serious technical problems with her online lingerie site.

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