Carmella’s furious with Oliver

Marco is concerned about Carmella’s furious reaction at learning of Oliver’s relationship with Elle and asks if she has unresolved feelings for Oliver. Desperate to prove to Marco that he is the man for her, Carmella gets Oliver to sign the access agreement. But can Marco shake his suspicions?

Ned is shocked to find out about Kirsten’s affair with Paul and ends up angrily warning him to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Kirsten is upset that Ned might not be able to forgive her for the affair and has a revealing chat with Steve about Ned’s true feelings. Later, she is relieved when Ned arrives home and forgives her.

Still miffed after realising she’ll never have a chance with Steve who is clearly in love with Miranda, Nicola seduces Riley again, but shocks him when she calls out Steve’s name in the heat of passion. Appalled that Nicola has been using him as a Steve substitute, a distracted Riley runs over Chris Knight’s dog.

Zeke plans a romantic picnic for Taylah, but is shocked when she confesses her history with Chris Knight. She details how Chris pressured her to go to the next level, unaware that Bridget and Chris are growing closer as they nurse his injured dog.

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