Carmella’s in the doghouse

Carmella makes a pact with God promising to stop her secret fling with Ringo if his life is spared. Sure enough, Ringo comes out of his coma, but immediately wants Carmella to reconfirm her love for him, leaving her in a dilemma. Riddled with guilt, Carmella confesses all to Rosie who’s unimpressed with her sister’s behaviour.

It’s left to Pepper to build bridges between the sisters, and she encourages hard-edged Rosie to have some compassion and support for Carmella. Later, while Frazer is celebrating Ringo’s recovery, Rosie tells Frazer about Carmella and Ringo, prompting a furious Frazer to kick Carmella out of the house.

When Toadie is arrested for drink driving, Frazer is satisfied that everyone now knows who is responsible for Ringo’s critical condition. With Toadie completely shattered, it’s left to Steph to defend his honour. But Toadie’s downward spiral reminds Steph of Max and she fears she may lose yet another man she loves.

Declan demands that Oliver stay away from his mum until he discovers Oliver is extremely rich. Keen to take advantage, Declan backtracks, and convinces Oliver he wants to build a relationship with him.

Also, Adam issues Pepper with an important travel ultimatum.