Carmella’s torn between two men

When Rosie catches Carmella talking about Marco in her sleep, Carmella is forced to confess that she’s starting to see him as more than just a business partner. Later, when Marco and Oliver finally meet at Valda’s lingerie launch, it’s clear that they’re both a little jealous of each other. Marco questions Carmella about custody arrangements with her unborn baby’s father, leaving her painfully aware of her situation.

Newly reunited Rachel and Ringo make a date to go to the movies but Pepper disappoints him by telling him he’ll have to cancel after failing another practice exam – he needs extra tutoring if he’s going to pass. Too ashamed to tell Rachel the truth, Ringo pretends to be ill. But when Rachel walks in on Ringo and Pepper’s dinner/study session at the General Store, she immediately fears that history is repeating itself and Ringo falling for another older woman.

Ned and Janae struggle to find alone time, and Mickey is confused when he walks in on the pair kissing on the sofa, leaving Ned and Janae mortified.

Also, Valda launches her lingerie line for larger ladies at Charlie’s, and even models some of the pieces herself.