On the morning of his wedding, Calvin determines to tell Carmel the truth about Nige but can’t bring himself to do it when he hears her voice. Meanwhile, over at the McQueens, Carmel is reduced to tears as things start going wrong. John Paul is angry when he finds out it’s Kieron’s funeral and tells Carmel he can’t give her away.

Seeing how disappointed she is, Jacqui tells John Paul that he’s doing it no matter what. Everyone heads off to church but Carmel is devastated when she arrives to find Calvin hasn’t shown up…

Warren panics when the police do a drugs raid on The Loft and asks Calvin to help get his stash of drugs out. Calvin protests that it’s his wedding day, but Warren reminds him that if the drugs are linked back to Nige, everything could be ruined. A nervous Calvin gets the stash of drugs from The Loft toilets, but is stopped by Eddie.

Meanwhile, Mandy is shocked when she arrives at The Loft to find all the wedding reception preparations destroyed. Cindy delights in winding Louise up about how close Warren and Mandy seem, prompting a drunk Louise to arrive at The Loft and lay into Mandy, who’s furious.

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