Carnage as drugged Lawrence White crashes his car!

Lawrence White puts lives at risk after he's drugged and gets into his car in Emmerdale...

The Zombie Run event kicks off in the woods of Home Farm. Belle and Lachlan are excited to be part of it and Victoria sets to work setting up her catering stall. However disaster is about to strike. Robert has successfully drugged Lawrence White by slipping some some sedative into his drink.

When Lawrence awakes, woozy and groggy he’s confused by the noise going on outside, unaware the Zombie Run is in full flow.

The Home Farm owner decides to investigate and gets into his car but, still drugged and struggling to stay awake, he loses control of the vehicle and goes ploughing into the woodland heading straight for Belle, Lachlan and Victoria!

Is one of them going to be injured in the carnage that Lawrence causes? And will Lawrence survive the terrible crash?

Elsewhere, Priya tries to kiss Pete in the woodland unaware that Debbie’s daughter Sarah is nearby. What has Sarah seen and heard and is Priya and Pete’s affair about to be rumbled?