Carnage in Ramsay Street!

In the aftermath of the explosion at the wedding, Lassiters seems like a war zone and lives hang in the balance. Toadie comes to and sees Sonya unconscious on the ground. Karl is soon at their side and stabilises her as the paramedics arrive. With Toadie and Callum desperately worried, Sonya is rushed to hospital but she’s still unconscious and has a bleed on the brain. She’s not out of danger yet.

Rhys is injured and crawls from the wreckage of the marquee. He knows he only has broken ribs and wants to help the others but Karl insists he stays put until he’s checked out properly. Meanwhile, Ajay finds Priya under heavy rubble. She’s not conscious and when Karl reaches her he soon realises she’s not breathing. He revives her but her breathing stops several times before she reaches the hospital. Will she pull through?

Rani has gone to Sophie’s place, still furious with Priya and is completely unaware of her mother’s predicament. Kyle eventually finds her and breaks the bad news. She’s reunited with her father but both wait in trepidation as Karl tells them they’ve already had to operate.

Rhys gets a visit from his mother who’s been frantic with worry but he reassures her and later discharges himself from hospital. He gets Kyle to give him a lift home but, as Kyle fumbles with the keys, Rhys collapses…