Carol and Abi find a homeless Cora

Jane is terrified about what Carol may know, hurrying over to the Butchers’ to find out why Carol was talking to the police. When she arrives, she’s relieved to discover that Carol was discussing a missing Cora, who has been spotted at a local homeless shelter. Jane drives Carol and Abi to the shelter, where they find Cora in a terrible state. Initially refusing to believe her family care about her, Cora refuses to return to the Square, but Jane talks her round.

Cindy is babysitting Bobby, but with worries on her mind about the police visiting Carol, she heads out to talk to Liam. On her way back, Cindy discovers Bobby about to put a brick through Max’s car window. Dragging him home, Cindy yells at Bobby, who pushes her over. When Ian and Jane return home to find Cindy on the floor, Cindy gives them a few home truths about their son.

Horrified by Bobby’s actions, Jane snaps, saying she’s going to tell Carol the truth. As Jane marches over to the Butchers’, closely followed by a panicked Ian, they confront a confused Carol. Jane’s confession is cut short by Cora dropping the bombshell that she saw Abi and Max cleaning the car lot office after Lucy died. Confessing it’s true, Abi says she knows Max was Lucy’s murderer, prompting Jane to keep her silence. Back at the Beales’, Cindy cracks, telling Liam that Bobby killed Lucy.