Carol Barry’s money worries grow deeper

With daughter Dynasty desperate to go on her school trip, mum Carol needs to find cash – and fast. She’s completely broke, so she decides to take a job in the kitchen at Waterloo Road.

However, the money she’s making still isn’t enough. Still on the hunt for cash, Carol goes back to the bar where she used to work and takes her job back. But her sleazy boss is up to his old tricks and she finds herself in a tricky situation.

When a familiar face comes to her rescue, Carol wonders if romance – and the answer to her monetary problems – may lie a little closer to home.

Meanwhile, Connor is thrilled to be offered an exciting job in London. Both Maggie and Imogen are also thrilled for him. However, one person who isn’t is mum Christine. He is desperate to go, but will his mum give him her blessing to chase his dreams?

Plus, Nikki and Vix’s relationship steps up a gear when Vix gives her girlfriend some beautiful jewellery. But Nikki is disappointed.