Masood is relieved when he and Shabnam call a truce over Carol, as it’s the day of Masood’s mum’s memorial. When Masood sees Carol in the cafe he asks her to come to the memorial for support. Shabnam flies off the handle when she finds out, pushing a stressed Carol to break up with Masood, who still knows nothing of her cancer. Later, Carol turns up on a mystery doorstep. She’s gone to see Sonia.

Sharon is frustrated after confronting Phil about the blood-covered phone to discover he doesn’t share her views on being completely honest with each other. When Sharon discovers Phil has picked up Denny from school without mentioning it to her first, she panics then realises that she needs to confront her trust issues. Sharon insists again to Phil that she wants everything out in plain sight.

Kat feels sorry for Alfie when it’s clear that his new business plan isn’t working out, despite his best efforts. Desperate for it to work, Alfie is relieved when a sympathetic Shirley gets Mick to buy Alfie’s stock. Alfie is thrilled that he’s finally in the money, but Kat’s not sure about Alfie’s plans.