Carol comes clean to Sonia about why she’s turned up on her doorstep unannounced, but claims she’s dealing with the cancer news. Frantically calling Carol to find out where she is, when Bianca finds out she’s gone to see Sonia, she turns up, too. After listening to granddaughter Rebecca playing her guitar, Carol breaks down, giving Sonia and Bianca the chance to comfort her.

Bianca and Sonia think it might be best if Carol stays with Sonia for a few days to clear her head – and keep her away from David. Sonia counsels Carol that she should do whatever makes her happy in her life. Carol returns home and finds David. Determined to follow her heart, she moves in for a kiss.

Phil knows that he needs to prove his commitment to Sharon by being honest with her. Steeling himself for the backlash, he tells Sharon about Ronnie finishing off Carl. Sharon is shocked, but she isn’t prepared for his next revelation, when he confesses that he was ultimately responsible for Dennis’s death. Sharon rushes out of the house in tears.

Also, Shabnam leaves for her aunt’s house after another row with Masood.