Carol is determined not to have any of her family at Billie’s funeral. Billie’s old gang turn up demanding to pay their respects, but Carol and the Brannings see them off. Carol goes to the funeral with just Billie’s dad Alan and gran Blossom. After the cremation Carol tries to kiss Alan, but he pulls away. A mortified Carol returns home, grabs a bottle of booze and starts popping pills out of a blister pack, preparing to join her son…

Vanessa is fuming when Harry’s secretary Vicky turns up with divorce papers and she sends her on her way. Harry later confronts Vanessa and gives her the divorce papers himself. Harry goads Vanessa until she snaps and blurts out a shocking secret… that Harry is not Jodie’s biological father.

Kat helps Stacey out on the stall. When Kat discovers that Whitney isn’t manning her stall for the day she stocks it up with her own stuff. Alfie calls Kat over to the Vic for the grand unveiling. The locals cheer when the Vic is revealed in its refurbished glory. Kat is pleased when Stacey and Tracey agree to be barmaids.

Also, Lauren thinks about Bradley’s death and asks Max why no one ever talks about him.

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