Carol faces her first chemo session alone

Carol is nervous ahead of her first chemotherapy session. Wanting to brave it alone, she’s secretly upset when David is nowhere to be seen, assuming he’s forgotten. When David finally turns up and insists on going in with her, Carol is relieved. After the treatment, Carol learns that David is intending to move into a flat across the Square. Rushing to the Vic where David is signing the tenancy agreement, Carol begs David to stay and she proposes! David accepts.

Shabnam tries to set things to rights between Masood and Tamwar, but Tamwar is resistant. As she sorts Masood’s life out, Shabnam is pleased when Masood reveals he’s got his old job back. When Tamwar sees Masood heading into the Vic he’s disgusted, assuming he’s turned back to drink. Discovering Masood was actually telling Mick never to serve him alcohol again, when Masood apologises, Tamwar forgives him.

Kat is chuffed, as today is the day that Alfie returns from Australia. Arranging to meet him in a hotel, Kat gets on a bus. Glancing out of the bus window, Kat gets the shock of her life when she sees a familiar face through a hairdresser’s window – it’s Stacey!

Also, Tamwar learns from Aleks that the market may be shut down.