Carol gets a surprise visitor – David Wicks!

Carol and Masood are looking forward to a romantic night in. But their plans for some after-dinner passion are thwarted when the kids get home early from the cinema. After the kids make themselves scarce, the couple start kissing, only to be interrupted yet again by Morgan, who can’t sleep. With Morgan successfully returned to bed, Carol and Masood are finally alone until they’re interrupted by the doorbell… It’s David Wicks!

Tamwar invites Alice round, as he has the house to himself. They pair are soon kissing, but when Masood’s evening with Carol is cut short, they’re interrupted by Masood and AJ. Still feeling uncomfortable with intimacy, when Alice suggests they finish what they started, Tamwar turns her down. When Alice is upset, Tamwar relents, reluctantly following her to the bedroom.

Dot is stressed as she has some paperwork to do for Reverend Stevens, Her plans are interrupted by Sharon, who wants her to look after Dennis while she deals with something at the club. When Dennis deliberately plays up, Dot snaps, shouting at him. Seeing Sharon in the doorway, Dennis plays the victim and is secretly smug when Sharon turns on a devastated Dot.