Carol has news for Connor

Connor calls Carol while she’s at work, but she rejects the call. Carol confesses to Glenda that she’s fallen in love for the first time. Carol meets up with Connor at the Arches and they confess their love for each other. Carol agrees to leave Walford with Connor. Carol meets up with Glenda for a farewell drink, but she’s shaken when Glenda pulls her up for accidentally referring to Connor as ‘Billie’. Is he a substitute for her son?

Bianca and Ricky are called in to see Tiff’s teacher and are confused to learn that Tiff told the school her grandma died. Ricky questions Carol about Tiff’s lie. Carol realises her secret affair is affecting the family and ends things with a gutted Connor, who turns to Whitney for comfort. Bianca finds some disturbing drawings in Tiff’s room and tells Carol she’s afraid that Tiff is being abused.

Tamwar is annoyed with Zainab when she interferes with his plans for the restaurant. Tamwar calls Afia and invites her to the Vic. Masood and Zainab are in the pub celebrating their anniversary and are horrified to see Tamwar with Afia. Darren covers for Tam and pretends that Afia is meeting up with him..

Also, Alfie has a night out at the club in a bid to block out his grief.

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