Carol is upset to discover that all her grandkids know about her cancer. Despite Carol’s rejection, David offers to take Carol to her hospital appointment and is upset when she insists on taking a cab. Alone at the hospital, Carol waits for tests to see if her cancer is genetic. Worried about the implications for her family, Carol runs off, but bumps into Liam. With Liam for support Carol goes through with the test.

Tamwar has spent the night at the Vic after being hit by Masood, covering to Nancy about his bruise. Sure that Aleks is going to sack him, Tamwar is relieved when Masood confesses to Aleks, who agrees to get the stolen cash back from Tamwar’s pay packet. When Fatboy later admits to Tamwar that Masood stole his university fund, Tamwar snaps, telling his dad to pack a bag and leave. Drunk again, Masood throws a glass of whisky in Tamwar’s face.

Nikki wants to spend time with her daughter, irresponsibly letting Rosie take the day off school. When Terry finds out, he’s furious, telling Nikki it’s about time she left. Bumping into David, Nikki is flirty. Feeling rejected by Carol, David is seduced by Nikki’s charms and they passionately kiss!