Sonia reminds Carol that she needs to start thinking of herself, prompting her to agree to make the move to Milton Keynes. After saying her goodbyes, Carol reminisces about her past in the Square. When she finds out Sami’s upset because the puppies he wanted have been sold, Carol goes on a mission. Sami and Robbie are delighted when Carol presents them with Wellard 2! With the words of her family on her mind, Carol changes her plan, making her way out of Walford on Jim’s motorbike.

Sharon agrees to talk things through with Phil, believing he’s telling the truth. After Phil gets a surprise visitor, he makes hurried plans to take Sharon on holiday. When Phil’s visitor returns and Sharon finds out, she’s livid. Sharon throws Phil out of the house, telling him their marriage is over for good. Phil heads to the Arches where he finds Gavin, who has arrived with back up…

Lauren is frustrated when Abi probes her for information on her relationship with Peter. After Abi gives Lauren a plane ticket back to New Zealand, courtesy of Phil, Lauren makes the decision to leave.

Also, Nancy agrees to see a doctor about her epileptic fits. Elaine returns from Spain with a toy boy fiance. And Phil catches Ben with Paul!