Carol is on edge when Max mentions the undertaker is trying to get hold of her to sort out Billie’s funeral details. Carol sorts through Billie’s possessions and is furious when Liam gets ketchup on Billie’s favourite white hoodie and slaps him. Carol visits Jim and Dot and they are stunned when she accuses them of being racist as they haven’t got a photo of Billie on the sideboard.

Alfie is short of cash to pay Phil his rent for the Vic and organises a race night. When he fails to sell enough tickets he has to cancel. Roxy is disappointed to learn the race night has been cancelled. Alfie lets slip they’re holding a poker night instead and Roxy invites herself along. Alfie and Roxy are the last ones left in. But he’s gutted when Roxy wins the lot.

Janine’s annoyed when Kat flirts with Ryan and gets Ryan a parental contact application to wind up the Slaters. Stacey says if Ryan wants to be a dad he’ll have to pay maintenance. Ryan looks for a job and an impressed Stacey lets him hold Lily. Kat senses Stacey likes Ryan. Stacey says she won’t be a marriage-wrecker so Kat says to leave things to her…

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