Carol puts on a brave face ahead of her double mastectomy. The Butchers do their best to be supportive despite Bianca’s money problems and the continued trouble over the hash brownies. After a tense visit from the police, who were sent by social services to speak to Liam, Carol wants to know Liam’s rights. Calling on policeman Charlie for advice, Carol makes a surprising discovery.

Meanwhile, Tina is keeping it zipped over where the cannabis came from, but when Aunt Babe arrives, it doesn’t take long for Mick to work out that she’s involved. Keen to keep Tina out of prison, Mick and Shirley head to the Butchers’ to try to talk Carol into not going to the police. At first unmoved, Carol eventually agrees to not say anything when she realises she might implicate herself.

When the Carters see the police going into the Butchers, they mistakenly assume Carol has gone back on her word. Thinking fast, Mick takes Dean to help him get rid of the evidence from Aunt Babe’s. Loading the car up with the stash, Dean is given the task of getting rid of it. Aunt Babe later finds Dean hiding the stash in Blades, but it’s clear that was their plan all along.