Carol rejects Connor

Carol wakes next to Connor and in a panic tells him to leave. Connor tries to visit Carol later, but she sends him away. Connor calls Carol, but she won’t pick up. Whitney flirts with Connor and he ends up in bed with her. Carol and the kids return from the shops. Tiffany catches Connor giving Whitney a goodbye kiss. Tiff later confronts Carol and tells off Carol for doing ‘bad things’ with Whitney’s boyfriend. Carol accuses her of lying.

Alfie agrees when Ronnie asks to attend baby ‘Tommy’s’ funeral. Alfie gives Kat a list of people to invite to the funeral. Kat frantically crosses out names and insists that she doesn’t want Charlie there. Alfie tells Ronnie it’s best if she doesn’t go to the funeral after all. Ronnie struggles with a crying baby and worries that he knows she’s not his real mum. Then she takes a black dress out of the wardrobe…

Phil asks Glenda if she’s withdrawn her complaint about Ben. She retorts that she’s withdrawn the complaint, but Phil is dumped! An unconcerned Phil returns home to Shirley in an amorous mood. Later, Shirley catches Phil looking at businesses for sale.

Also, Jack wants to sell his share in the club to buy into Max’s car business.

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