Carol struggles to find the money to pay for Max’s QC. After a tough visit with Max, who is desperate for a new brief, Carol heads to the Vic to drown her sorrows. When Abi turns up, Carol pleads with her to help her dad. Insisting she’s more concerned about Cora’s whereabouts, Abi refuses. When a guilty Jane tries to help, Carol makes a scene before breaking down.

Vincent is desperate to find a way to get back in Kim’s good books. After convincing Kim to take Pearl to Walford’s ‘Bonniest Baby’ competition, Vincent turns up, too, and convinces Kim to give him a chance. The Carters have brought baby Ollie, with Ronnie and Charlie bringing Matthew. Vincent talks to Ronnie saying he’d always choose her. An oblivious Kim is delighted when Pearl wins the competition, not realising Vincent’s paid off one of the judges.

Meanwhile, Ronnie is defiant when Dean has a go at her for ruining things between him and Roxy. Turning up at Roxy’s, Dean soon sweet talks Roxy into bed. When Ronnie returns, Dean hides in the wardrobe. Vincent arrives, telling Ronnie he can always have her, moving in for a kiss. A shocked Dean sees them kissing on Ronnie’s CCTV!

Also, Carmel suggests Kush and Shabnam move in with her after the baby arrives.