Bianca panics when she sees Carol letting the electric meter reader into the house, as he’ll see she’s been using a dodgy key. The meter reader agrees to let her off as it’s her first offence, but insists she needs to pay the 50 pounds owing. Carol can’t believe that Bianca’s been so stupid. After a visit from the debt collector, things erupt into a row as Carol and Bianca swap angry insults about the past. A furious Carol says she’s moving out tomorrow!

Whitney feels insecure when Tyler casually mentions that she’s his longest relationship, worried he’ll soon be on to the next girl. When Tyler leaves his phone at Whitney’s, she opens a text from Lucy. It’s in an innocent group message arranging a night out. Whitney realises Tyler will see it’s been read and deletes it. Tyler finds out anyway and confronts Whitney about her lack of trust.

Derek is upset when a birthday card to his estranged son Joey is returned unopened. Derek is feeling lonely and he ropes Alfie into helping him out. The men head to Joey’s house. Derek asks Alfie to deliver his grandfather’s watch to Joey. Alfie returns with the watch after being turned away by Joey. Derek is broken-hearted.