Jake has managed to escape from Caroline’s prison and he immediately goes on a search for her. Realising that Holly is Caroline’s target, he rushes straight to the hospital. Finding Caroline with Holly, he tries his best to convince her not to do anything stupid. However his attempts to win her around are scuppered when Loretta enters. Caroline’s deadly intentions are turned on Loretta and it’s down to Jake to stop her.

Carmel and Calvin deal with their break-up in different ways. As Calvin drowns his sorrows, Mercedes has to hide her feelings in order to console Carmel. Without intending to, Mercedes makes Carmel think twice about her decision to end things with Calvin. Meanwhile after finding a vulnerable Theresa outside The Loft, Calvin invites her in. After a few drinks, the pair find other ways to take their minds off their problems.

Lauren is angry when she texts Gaz saying ‘I love you’ and he doesn’t respond. When she discovers he has lied and finds him carrying a bracelet she’s convinced he’s seeing someone else. When he explains that the bracelet is for her she refuses to let her guard down.

Also; Lauren wants Gaz to tell her he loves her but he just doesn’t know whether he is ready.

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